Hello, A

I said I was working long days,
Apparently, that wasn’t your concern.
Persistence was one of your ways,
This, I would so shortly learn.

How many messages? Only a few.
Until I agreed to move it to chat…
Then you almost immediately knew.
Though it was too soon to say that.

As for me, I was skeptical, to be frank.
You seemed too good to be true.
But as we talked, the deeper I sank…
Into an undeniable love for you.

Hundreds of hours holding my cell phone,
The light of the screen illuminating your face…
It was an interesting transition from being alone,
And I knew right away, I would come to your place.

The weeks of communication flew by so fast,
Time would blur together, every day into night,
We had clearly found what we sought, at last…
It was unmistakable to us – everything felt right.

The night before I would take my flight,
I wasn’t filled with a trace of a doubt,
Such a beautiful future was finally in sight…
I was overjoyed to have you to be excited about.

what other people have said

A Anderson says:

I love you, honey. Finally, we are together NOW. Mwa

Sue Irgens says:

That is a beautiful poem. I am so happy we have Almira in our life.

A Anderson says:

Baby, I miss you so much. I love you. I can’t wait to be with you again.

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