About Me, Andrew D. Anderson

In the United States of America “Andrew” is the 54th most popular first name and “Anderson” is the 12th most popular last name – there happen to be about 2.5k people in the USA named Andrew Anderson. That makes it reasonably unlikely that you’re actually looking to read about me, but feel free to do so anyway.

My friends and family know me as Andrew D. Anderson, and you’ve wandered on to my personal website. As of 2012, my self-description includes the following unordered nouns: philosopher, writer, web designer, programmer, photographer, cook, wanna-be mathematician, gambler.

I was born in 1987, or so they tell me – truth is, I can not personally recall anything at all happening that entire year. Apparently, I’m also an American born Californian, through no fault of my own.

I grew up outside of New Orleans, in Slidell, LA, where I came to realize that relative humidity above 75% is utterly unacceptable. I have fond memories of leaving that place in 2006. (Although I did have to leave behind a few good friends.)

Sometime between 1987 and 2012, I acquired passions for: learning, writing, technology, photography, and cooking.

During that same time frame, I also acquired distastes for: mind-altering substances, corporations, big governments, and institutionalized education. I passionately disdain alcohol, narcotics, and large organizations that try to control people.

My time spent within educational institutions came to a grinding halt in 2010, when I was unceremoniously awarded my B.A. in Philosophy from The University of Chicago. (I’m not a fan of ceremonies, really.)

I own a Toyota Prius, I take photographs with a Canon 5D Mark III, I use a Lenovo T530 for computations, and I adore copper pans for cooking.

Several Myers-Briggs personality tests claim that I can be summed up with the following four letters: INTP. Although the second and fourth letters seem to be slightly variable.

I’m a passionate loner, though not shy. I’m generally far removed from the mainstream media. I appreciate intelligence, wit, self-control, and silence.

I tend to make small adjustments to myself every now and again – I’ll update this page the next time I self-modify.