I spoke to my grandfather today about how many boxes could fit into his motor home – about twenty he thinks. At 60 pounds a piece he’s shooting for a max weight of 1200 pounds. Of course, I like to be precise…

For those of you who don’t know already – inside every book I own there is a barcode. This barcode is linked to a system I am currently developing for keeping track of my personal library. The system, which will eventually be put into production on http://books.andrewdanderson.com will track where my books are, how much they cost me, what percent of my library is fiction vs nonfiction. It will also have some other neat little features – one of which: how much my library weighs.

So, right now, I am killing two birds with one stone: I am making sure I don’t surpass the 1200 pound moving limit and adding data to my book tracking system… I am weighing my books with a nifty little USB scale.

You’d have to know me to believe it, but if you’re reading this – you probably do.