Well, I’ve been doing lots of thinking about a shiny new machine. Dual-core 64 bit processor, DDR2 RAM, 10k RPM hard drives… Oh yeah – it has been hard to resist splurging on a new computer.

After a lot of consideration (my computer now being about three years old), I have decided to wait. Quad-Core processors should be rolling out in 2007… hard drives are getting faster… DDR3 is not too terribly far away… Innovation is abounding, prices are coming down, and besides – my computer does almost everything I need it to do.

I use my laptop and desktop as tools – not gaming machines – which allows me a bit more time between upgrades. My computer and monitor together cost me around $3000… Upgrading in 2008 will offset my cost per year to about $600.00. I know my desktop has made me more money than that.

Of course, I’ll also be needing to upgrade my laptop (which is only two years old, but about the same specs). Again, waiting until 2008 offsets the annual cost to about $350.00.

So, why is this important… I don’t know… thinking on screen I suppose. I am going to need about $5000 in 2008 for new equipment. So, if any reader out there wins the Power Ball or something 🙂

Ok, thanks for listening. Goodnight.