College Decisions

It all started with five blank applications. I labored on them for months. Then I affixed postage to their envelopes and sent them on their way. I applied to Georgetown, The University of Chicago, MIT, Babson, and The University of Texas at Dallas. UTD was my “safety” school, but the McDermott Scholars program my make it worth considering. All the others are and were on a fairly equal footing in my mind.

Which brings me to the dilemma. I was exceptionally fortunate and have been admitted to every school on my list, with the exception of MIT (where I was deferred ). Now I am confused beyond imagination about where to go…

If anyone on the web could offer their opinion to a person whom aspires to own and manage technology corporations specializing in robotics – please do advise. I think it should also be noted that I love business more than technology (although I do enjoy them both).

Ideas, suggestions, and remarks are all appreciated.

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