Life in Illinois

I’ve now been on the farm in Illinois for a week. It has been hot – up until today. Soon I’ll be running into Chicago – I’ll write all about it.

Life on a farm is different – just in the last week I’ve learned how to can corn, make jelly, harvest oats, and that slime in a pond means it’s healthy 😉 . I’ve gone swimming in the aforementioned pond, thrown around tons of hay bails, picked berries, and have been chased down by deer flies. All in all life is fun – and different.

School is still a ways off and I have lots of plans before then. I’m devouring some good computer books, working on my 3D animation, implementing some website ideas… and cooking every night. Things are enjoyable – I’ll write again soon now that things have settled.

In the meantime, please read the following article – it is great for everyone: A Speech by Steve Jobs

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  1. You sound pretty entertained but I know school opening is getting close. You’ve been in my thoughts a lot lately (and not just because my computer is going crazy). I miss you. Hope things are well. The new Salmen is great and my new job is off to a great start. Let’s talk soon. Give me a call. Good luck on the opening of school. Terri

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