MIT – ? – U of C

Well, the decisions are all final and I’m packing my bags… I’ll be headed to the University of Chicago for the next four years of learning. I’m actually very excited. Chicago is a wonderful school and my family is fairly close. I can’t wait to get to know the city and experience life in a new place.

I’ve already picked the classes I want to take. I’ll be double-majoring in Computer Science with an emphasis on Artificial Intelligence and Economics. Needless to say – I’ll be taking lots of math courses (my favorite! (HA HA…)) – How does discrete mathematics, calculus one though three – statistics – and some other course using proofs for algorithms sound?

I’ll also be taking some wonderful philosophical courses – programming courses – drama courses – and “civilization” courses. Who knows – I may come out of this well rounded after all.

As for the news from MIT – I’m not too upset. I now have a guaranteed single dorm – with an uncle and a huge bedroom to myself – only about an hour away. The only bad news – I won’t have quite as many math courses ;)…

Well, I’ll keep the world posted – here I come Chicago!

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