This isn’t my first time attempting a weblog. No, I’ve tried it before. Things just didn’t work out and in the end, when one of us had to leave, it was the weblog. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about that weblog though, and the one before that, and the one before that… They were all alike.

Not this one. It’s different. This weblog is about nothing. Its about the only thing that is constant in my life: me. It’s even named after me. It doesn’t look like me yet. Right now it’s just a generic weblog new to the internet. In a few weeks it will look like me. In a few years it will sound like me. Yeah, with time and patience and lots of experience – this weblog is bound to be at the top Google.

Number one for nothing. Number one for Andrew D. Anderson. Number one for information about me and all that I am – and all that I have yet to become. As long as I am here – this weblog will be here (or so I hope). Thank you for visting us. My weblog and I. Don’t be a stranger. We hope to see you back here again real soon.