One Month Down

Well, it is true – I’ve been in college one month now. How is life here at the UofC you ask… I’m still deciding. The classes are getting a little harder – Marx is much harder to read than Smith. I get two papers back in the next few days. Midterms are fast approaching – and as of right now, I’m a “B” student. Things could be worse, to be sure, but they could be better too.

I know a few of you are wondering why I haven’t been writing about life outside of school lately. There is none. The rumors about this school are true… I don’t mind that much though.

I have a few pending plans. I’ll be spending Thanksgiving with my grandparents. That should be good. I’m ready now, so I’m sure I’ll be double ready then, for a break from cafeteria food.

The hidden costs of college are unveiling themselves and nibbling away at my savings, which I’m not pleased about – but I’m actively working (in the very little free-time I have) on websites to compensate for the costs.

All and all things are going well. I’m going to try and work on art a little – keep your eyes peeled for pictures sometime in the next month.

Nice chatting with you. Take care. Off to battle a stubborn cold settling in with some hot tea – and vitamin c…

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