Ouch! …

Two “C” papers, a late night math tutorial with a math midterm ensuing, and no dinner… and I am here… now. That was today – and the math midterm is tomorrow. I could go on, but I’d like to complain about these for a while. Well, actually, it may not be “complaining”…

The two “C” papers – actually one was a C+ – are lingering from last week; that’s when I received the first C(+). Today I received the slightly more painful C. At any rate, both grades equally embarrassing, I am not so chipper. It wasn’t my spelling that swallowed the points; it wasn’t really any aspect of the prose itself in either case. I am apparently a little behind when it comes to developing a good argument. Theses included (and I thought I was good at writing those!) What this mean, other than a wounded GPA from the very start, is that I have a lot of catching up to do.

I can’t say I’m looking forward to it, but deep down in side I might be glad for the prospect of the end result. I love writing – I don’t suppose learning to write solid arguments and elegant theses will change that. I just wish I’d have acquired the skill earlier. Enough of this… it’s leading me to despair… to wrap this thought up – I am on my (painful) way to becoming a better writer.

The math midterm tomorrow actually doesn’t seem too daunting. ε δ proofs and induction proofs were clarified in tonights tutorial. Basic limits and infinite limits are a cinch – I don’t imagine too much else will be on this four-question midterm… so I should sleep well tonight. My only real dilemma with the math midterm actually stems from the tutorial for the midterm’s preparation… I had to miss dinner to attend aforementioned tutorial. This leaves me mildly angry, but, more so, hungry.

Shying away from complaints as I wrap-up this post… I did make $22.50 today. Research studies. Being a guinea pig is not so bad. I also have some other good news, but I want to save something for this weekend.

Until next time…

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  1. Andrew: Remember life is all about the journey! Part of your journey is learning to become a great writer (you are already good).
    We love you

  2. yo andrew, whats up? what have you been up to? Im always online and Katie told me about your little website so I decided to drop you a line. Email me back.

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