“Only a new president can renew the promise of America — the idea that if you work hard you can count on the health care, education, and retirement security that you need to raise your family. These are the basic values of America that are under attack from this administration every day,” [Hillary Clinton] said. here

Alright, frankly, I am not a huge fan of politics. I don’t involve myself too often because it makes me sick. It divides the country and allows it to war against itself rather than work together. However, when I read this… I was afraid someone might actually believe it. So, I have to write about it… even though I don’t want to.

The first really unsettling aspect of this quote is that Hillary mentions this “promise of America”. I don’t recall that the revolution was over health care, education, or retirement security. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever read a “promise” in any text book that has ever covered the USA. America, not to say it has a wonderful governing strategy, only promised freedom. Increasing taxes to cover these false “promises” is not freedom – it is taking away money from those already poor, who would like to believe in this promise. One might argue that by taking away more money from the hands of the people, those services are opposed to freedom.

Secondly, the idea that you must “work hard” is sick. For how long, Hillary, must one work hard to enjoy these propositions of yours? Retirement age is already past the half-way mark of the average human life. Work, work, work… and then you are old – you have sacrificed your youth “working hard” so that your government could help you. So many “hard working” people should have been able to help themselves.

Hillary assumes you will have a family. The real question is, why would you? She is addressing those reliant on the government for retirement and health care, presumably YOU, perhaps someone in such a state should refrain from procreation before they can be self-reliant.

I wonder why Hilary Clinton does not push for American citizens not to “work hard”, but to make others work hard for them. Instead of promoting the employee side of things, the real workhorse side, why doesn’t she promote a not-so-difficult life of invention, technology, and management? Rather than assuming you will be dependent on government intervention for retirement and health care, why isn’t she touting the need for personal responsibility? Instead of allowing the government to control these programs with your money, why wouldn’t you want to do it yourself? Who is Hillary Clinton to impose this “promise” on a system of freedom that should obviously be about personal choices and less dependent citizens?

Hillary closes with an attack of the Bush administration. That is the only legitimate aspect of her statement… and my four-year-old brother could have easily done the same, considering almost everyone in America is whining about the same thing.

I’ll be the first to agree, America needs something new. We are obviously going to get “a new president”. However, it would be detrimental to foster Hillary Clinton’s ideas of governmental dependence and workhorse employment. Next.