Back in Chicago for a bit, planning for my next academic year. (Which is still quite some time off.) It’s been rainy, humid, and just warm enough to be uncomfortable.

No real news. My okra out at the farm was finially doing well, and then it was misted by some weed killer – thanks to my uncle. Some of it is still alive; probably enough for pickling.

Speaking of food, I took toady’s afternoon break from raining to make two grocery store runs. First run was 25lbs of rice and 10lbs of flour. Second was 25+ lbs of various beans. I’ve been researching cheap eats to save extra money next year.

I’m also refinishing an old table that was left in the apartment I’m now renting… it’s solid wood, but quite worn out. Hopefully I’ll make it better than it is.

That’s that. I’ve also added a feature to the poetry part of my website – you can now tell when a poem is less then a week old. Soon I’ll have to start grouping them in folders or something…

Take care. I’ll write sometime.