An exam, a paper grade, and two papers to go…

Today was good (though not as good as Monday when I found $20 in the snow). It started at 8am. I had an omelet shortly thereafter. Then the exam.

Bio exam, which I felt good about going into… but you know how those exams mess with your mind. 8 Minutes after time was called, I was done. I felt pretty good about it. I’m really liking microbes.

Then math. Nothing too spectacular. Hello integration, [haven’t we met before?] I hate you. Yeah, I’ll live. The exam is next Wednesday. Hope it’s better than the C+ I got when deriving trig functions.

Ah, and then the paper. My thesis creation apparently needs a little work – and I’m working on it. The grade wasn’t great, but man it could have been worse. B/B-. At least I have something of a foundation to work up from. Don’t want a C when you only have three papers to write.

Two more papers to go, and then I’ll have something of a break. Live for tomorrow… I wonder if that’s Christianity spilling over into education. Who knows…

A few more days of brutality and perhaps I’ll write to the world again. Thanks for listening.

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