Around, just not blogging…

You know, what do I really have to blog about? I study for school, study for personal interests, cook, eat, sleep, and walk around (usually in order to do one of the aforementioned activities). Sometime I write poetry or take pictures… or am somehow creative, but I have other sections on my website for displaying such things. So, my blog is left stagnant. In fact, looking over past blog posts, the only real news my blog gets is about why I am not blogging. Something has to change…. or this blog is gonna have to come down.

That said, I’ve been working quite a bit on other portions of my website. I’ve implemented a new photo system – the last one was really more than I needed and was also overrun with spam. I’ve begun making things look homogeneous. I’ve created a portal for bringing solutions and good deals to anyone who wants either. Things are moving along.

Oh, I’ve also turned twenty. My day was spent studying (ironically just like the days before and after it)!

That’s life in a nutshell, unless you’d like for me to blog about physics, multi-variable calculus, or computer science…

I’ll blog again later… or maybe I won’t…

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  1. cool!
    I think you should study more and quit blogging!


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