homemade yogurt for breakfast, 25¢ for lunch

So, I gave it all away in the title. Yesterday I made homemade yogurt for the very first time. Not only was it easy, but it’s absolutely wonderful tasting! I plan on making more – eating about two quarts a month during the school year. Not only is it tasty and nutritious, it gives me something to do with milk that’s on the verge of expiration. So, that’s that.

And the ridiculously cheap lunch… that’s not a one time deal. I’ve been having lunch for under a quarter for a few days now. The secret… rice, beans, and spices. Full of fiber, protein, and flavor – for less then a quarter. Most people spend 10 to 20 times that! I’m happy, full, and passing along the fact that it’s possible to reduce the cost of your lunch.

Hmmm… technical news. I’m discontinuing the photo portion of andrewdanderson.com – I don’t update it enough. I’ll try to incorporate pictures into posts right here… and eventually I might set up another, different, photo album program. I’m working on a recipe section for my website… powered by some custom recipe crunching software. I’m already keeping very detailed expense logs for food… the recipe section of this website will allow me to share my recipes and their cost with readers like you… you should be excited!

College: year two. That’s only ~25 days away. I’m ready, I think. Math and physics are going to humble me… very much.

That’s all for now. I’ll write again. Until next time, thanks for stopping by.

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