It has sure been a while since I’ve updated this blog. Shame on me. I can only try and do better. 🙂

The title says is all – you can now comment on my poetry… I’d love for you to leave me your thoughts. I’ve added a few poems recently – and will be adding more soon.

Aside from doing a little work on my poetry, I’m going to be adding a recipe section to the website and will soon be attempting to unify the look of things throughout…


So, virtual progress is being made… real-world progress is too – well, kind of. I’ve been enjoying the company of family almost all summer long and am taking this next week to spend with a good friend. I’ll also be exploring more of Chicago in the week upcoming and might even have a few pictures online. At the very least I should have something somewhat interesting to write about.

I’ve been trying to keep calculus fresh in my mind – and am failing miserably at that. I’ve set out to review physics for classes next quarter – and that’s rough as well. Scientific and mathematic disappointments aside – I’ve been making some headway on the more literary side of the spectrum. I’ve read a few classic novels and have been trying to write often.

When education gets a little too tedious – I’ve been trying new recipes and working, ever so slowly, on a few computer programs. My 3D animation endeavor is at a standstill.. yeah.. with very little to show.

And on the summer goes. Five weeks down, seven to go… or something like that. Such is life. Until next time…