Maybe it’s just me, but this year is zipping past… I barely have time to breathe. Make haste, or things will pass us by!

On to the news… I scored a dismal ~11 on a physics test last week. Not just any physics test… a midterm. No, this is not some kind of funny joke. The test was not out of 11 points. It was out of 39. It defeated me. Luckily, it defeated a vast majority of the class… so the curve was great. Then again, even with the curve my score is equivalent to a C-. Yes, ouch. That’s most of my bad news.

But, good news abounds! Thursday is Thanksgiving – and I’ll be cooking from tomorrow until then. I’m quite excited and stepping outside of my <$1/day mentality. I went into the old sock, begged up a few donations, and will be having a feast fit for twenty. (And actually the left-overs should defray the cost… ok, enough…) I’m so psyched abut cooking so much wonderful food – I’ve attached my menu to ‘wow’ you.

The other good news… oh, yeah, that involves the end of this quarter being a measly 2.5 weeks away. A break I can use. I think there’s more news, but won’t over-due it in one post.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving this 2007.