New Software: Vista, WordPress, & Opera.

Well, so maybe you don’t get how all of those software packages are related… because they aren’t really. They are today however, because I am writing about my experience with them. The are all new to me and therefore they are all related. 😉

 Where to begin… with Vista? Sure. It’s alright. I like it because it is better looking than the previous versions and because it is new. It feel just as responsive as XP did, but I turned off the Aero interface anyway. I didn’t like the little bubble that popped up when I watched DVDs. (I know I could have disabled the bubble!) The 3D window switcher is nothing fancy in my opinion. Linux still has a way better GUI with Beryl. Overall, however, Vista is nice. The voice recognition feature is really fun, but it doesn’t work with OpenOffice… and so I won’t be using it too much. I wouldn’t really recommend rushing out to buy Windows Vista, but I got mine for free (legally)… and so felt as though I should say a little about it.

Now, WordPress 2.1 is very nice. A few little quirks when you upgrade, but the new autosave feature is splendid and everything feels faster. I would recommend an upgrade.

Lastly, Opera 9.1 is now my browser of choice. It is amazing. Really. It has so many useful features (autorefresh, on-the-fly page editing, advanced tabs, optional image shutoff). You should try it. You will be captivated with the speed at first, but the awesome features will win you in the long run.

Nothing else is new. Just software. And this post.

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