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So, I just downloaded OpenOffice 2.2 Rc3. I opened up a few papers I had written for my classes this quarter…and they were all about one page shorter! Really.

Ok, so what happened is that OpenOffice apparently made the text look more clean in this version… I guess it is. As a result, my double spacing doesn’t take up as much room. End result: same text, fewer pages.

Now, if I were a bum of a college student (which is tempting), I’d stay with 2.1 – after all I’m getting more pages for free. Since, that’s just not me… looks like I’ll be writing more. I don’t really mind though, because comparing the realestate taken up by Word for my papers – OpenOffice is right on par. Now when I have to e-mail an 8 page paper to my professor… I can be sure it will be 8 pages on his end as well.

That’s progress… now, if I could just use Vista’s dictation feature in OpenOffice.

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