Sometimes life has some really ingenious ways of surprising you – maybe “startling you” captures the effect more aptly. You think you have some idea of where things are going, who you’re going with, and why you’re going at all… then, things change. Your life gets a new direction, your companions abandon you – some others come out of the woodwork – and you have completely new motivations for doing anything.

Unfortunately (IMHO), change is almost debilitating to some. Lack of control, uncertainty about the future, a reluctance to surrender the past – for whatever reason some people have a terrible time carrying on when everything changes. They walk backwards into the future, with visible reluctance at every step. It is nearly as painful to watch as it is to perform.

The last few days have startled me into a realization that I don’t really know what’s coming next – for myself. Much less for anyone else. And I’m fine with that. In all honesty, I’m intrigued by it.

I set out with a point, but I’ll leave this open-ended. It’s more interesting that way.