Hmmm… somethings different here, you mumble. I notice you looking around in obvious, mild, confusion.

It’s true! I’ve changed the look of things here. I’ve gone and taken the easy way out until I get around to coding myself. Save your ooooooo-s and ahhhhhhh-s for whoever wrote this theme. It wasn’t me.

But, man, does it make things look different. Excuse me now, while I stare at the layout a while…


On to other news: I have a pile of homework, almost no motivation, and hardly anything to eat. I’m going to see about remedying those in reverse order. (Albeit I usually get stuck on number two.)

I may or may not be on later to discuss the philosophical importance of distance when choosing a mate…

… or some other equally absurd topic.

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  1. … oatmeal, blogs and comments on blogs and comments, a seventy dollar can opener and one day a Segway. Comment comment comment, just leaving a comment.

    calories? ……. Zero.

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