Questions for 2009

So inspired by a comment on my previous post, I’ve decided I’d like to explore my thoughts with unanswered questions. Questions that reveal what I suspect my mind will be working on, aside from formal education, during the next few months. I may or may not shuffle the list – to keep the focus on the ideas, rather than their order.

Where to next?
How was Morocco?
Can I help you find yourself?
How should I organize these sites?
Would three weeks canoing on a Canadian river make me sore?
How many woman shall I avoid?
Will I continue painting and drawing?
Won’t I spend more time with 3D animation techniques?
To plant okra, or not?
Cut back on travel, finally?
Finish some of those books I started writing?
Get a rat?
How much money is the “perfect” woman worth, anyway?
What else will I find interesting? dull?
How much money can I fit in my envelopes?
How many hours will I sleep?

Not a very extensive list, but nice to have as a very general overview for some time down the road. Laugh with me – at the unknown.

3 Replies to “Questions for 2009”

  1. HAH!!

    -Back down here
    -Me or you? Or maybe the other one. Yeah, the other one.
    -From smelliest to cleanest.
    -If it does it will be worth it, LETS DO IT.
    -All but that one from art class.
    -Yes, you need hobbies away from the computer.
    -And you complain about me not doing it. I will try too.
    -Kinda random, huh? And in Chicago?
    -YES, unless it is to come back here. har
    -That would be neat…..when did you start these??
    -Well, that depends on what you think is important.
    – 1) Starcraft 2, Diablo 3, and Supreme Commander 2.
    2) The usual
    -hmmmm, i guess that depends on how crinkled the bills are.
    -Depends on how much gaming you do. WOOHOO!

    yup, that’s about it

  2. Joshua:

    Thank you for the thoughtful reply. I’m not too sure if I was anticipating any answers to those questions, but its interesting to mull over how you answer them… or think I might.

  3. You have got to have better things to do with your time. Cut the sites back to one you really care about and then plant the okra for some gumbo.

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