Would You Like Sex With That… ?

Today is Oct. 7th. I’m 21 years old as of earlier this morning, and instead of partying – I’m reading about tuples, graphs, and functions. Not the most exciting day, but I did have a nice time making my very first charcoal drawings. I also went out on a limb and ordered pizza…

So, what’s with the title? Well, I read a very interesting article that I’d like to share:


It’s about the pervasiveness of sex in culture today, which you are probably well aware of (if you’re not, the article kind of falls apart). I enjoyed it, because it used some very nice examples to reinforce its point…

While I primarily agree that the stereotypical portrayal of sexual relations are foul things, I got to wondering what Freud might think. Psychologist, the author of the article, even me – think that the pervasive sexual images and ideas must not be GOOD for the youth. But then, how did they get to be so prevalent in the first place, why are consumers drawn to them — where does the appeal come from, if they’re so bad?

As someone who finds the vast majority of sex a blatant waste of time – I’m not that well equiped to postulate on our cuture’s behalf. So, I’m asking for YOUR thoughts – don’t be basheful, have you seen the world we’re living in?

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