Maybe you know the feeling, you’re salivating over an under-priced item on eBay. Your seconds away from owning the item. You’ve been the high bidder since the auction started. Just as the auctions ends, you refresh the listing page to bask in the joy of your new-found ownership – and you’ve been OUTBID. SNIPED.

If you’d have known it would sell for paltry $1.25 more then your max bid, you’d have bumped ‘er up a little. Now that antique-one-of-a-kind trinket that you’ve been daydreaming about is gone. You’re in pain.

You imagine the guy that beat you out. Chuckling like a madman, rolling on the floor in pure glee right after he completes checkout to claim his stolen goods. Oh, the pain! What you wouldn’t give to trade spots, just this once…

Well, you’re in luck, because you can next time. Be that guy. For free. Heart-broken eBayer – meet Gixen. It makes sniping on eBay too easy. Heck, you’ll probably do it for fun.

eBay Sniper