Goodbye to 2010 and a Resolution for 2011

If I could only say one thing about the past year, I’d have to say that it was an interesting one…

I got out of college, stuffed my philosophy degree in a box, moved out of my little apartment in Chicago, and hit the road with my uncle. Together we drove (actually, he drove and I rode along) all over the Midwest and some of the Southwest and Northwest. I got to see more country (and more freeway) in a short six months than most people see in a decade. I got to visit more casinos than most people visit in their lifetime. It wasn’t always fun, and I can’t say that I anticipate missing casinos anytime soon, but it was nifty time nonetheless. There is something about living in a small camper for an extended period of time that makes you profoundly aware of everyday comforts such as well-equipped kitchens, full-sized water heaters, and plush couches. Most things in life begin to fall into place as luxuries rather than the necessities most people regard them as.

Over the course of those six months, I managed to obtain enough money to pay off my student loan debt… and am now completely debt free. It’s an awfully cozy feeling. Now, with breathing room about me, I am resolved to making a living on the internet. I have the domains, a reliable, basic server paid two years in advance, and a general direction in which I want to take things. All that I’ve got to do is make it happen.

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