Surprises Abound!

Indeed, you were probably well aware that surprises abound, this week especially – who ever saw HP bailing out of the PC business? I mean, I have owned nothing but HP laptops for the past eleven years!!! Of course, you know that’s not what this is about. But what else do you know? Knowing that something is not is a far cry from knowing what something is.

I’m rambling, and I’m well aware of it. Can you believe it’s been months, again, since I blogged about anything? Life is rolling right on along. I’ve been visiting all sorts of family and spending quite a bit of my spare time outside. Not to say that I have too much spare time…

Minnesota was gorgeous nearly the entire time that I was there. I bought one of those fancy state-park passes for a meager $25. The view from a 100-foot observation tower in one of the state parks was worth the price all on its own. My sister and I attempted to go canoeing at one of the state parks, but upon the realization that life-jackets were required inside any water vessel… we packed up the inflatable canoe and continued on about our day. (I wonder, if we were just swimming alongside of the canoe for a few miles down the river, would our chances of drowning go up? Because then we are not required to have life vests. Go figure.)

A piece of my past decided to make an appearance the other day, which was rather startling. It’s funny how we connect things in our minds. One little memory can cause an entire avalanche of flashbacks, reconsiderations, and reflections. Luckily, things went fairly smoothly this particular encounter. It is fun how you can never anticipate when something like that might happen.

On to other news… I’ve been reading Les Misérables for a good month now and am still only about half-way through. It is an absolutely fantastic read, and I highly recommend it to you. It positively grips the soul and then proceeds to force it to submit to an entire spectrum of emotions. The book is much less directly philosophical than most of the books I enjoy, but it still leaves plenty open for critical evaluation. If you do read it, just know that it’s slow to start and littered with painfully long asides. Have patience and read leisurely – it’s well worth it.

Last, but not least, on my list of basically meaningless banter topics – I’d like to tell you that I got a new highly-portable laptop. It’s the Acer Aspire TimelineX 4830T – and it is a truly fun little machine. I’m going to post a review of it soon over at my Computer Correct website, so keep an eye peeled.

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