Basically, life in 2012 is easy. I’m living on a farm, I own a Prius, I’m co-owner of two cows, and never really have anything that I have to do. Well, now, that isn’t exactly true – I do usually have to milk one of the aforementioned cows when I’m on the farm. I get to travel all over the country, and am still able to put money aside for the future – whatever that may be.

The winter in Illinois was mild this year, and I dare say that spring came a month early. I’m going to plant a dwarf peach bonfire tree this week, practice making kettle chips, and whip up some homemade butter. My computer-help website is ticking right along, and, though ill-maintained, manages to attract more visitors each and every month.

I’m left with an awful lot of time to think about what I want to do within the next five years. Unfortunately, the more I consider the possibilities the more my plans keep changing. All I know is that I’d eventually like to make a living in the internet. Which means that I should probably spend more time… uhm, you know, on the internet.

So, maybe I’ll try and do that in the next month or two. I should probably tidy things up a bit around here, too. That’s my life 25% through this year. Thanks for stopping by.