marble mirrors

presented a block of marble
accompanied by this plan:
I was to take my chisel
and carve myself a man.

A subtractive process
something I had never done
I took up the task
thinking it might be fun.

I tapped upon the stone
I chipped the block away
every blow was thoughtful
deciding what could stay

it took me near a lifetime
I finished my man of stone
what I saw then startled me
I had made the man my own

I had chiseled my own image
I had carved myself exact
I beheld a marble mirror
my every detail there intact

every line upon his face
all the hairs upon his head
the soul within his eyes
all were mine instead

I realize now, my marble man
he and I are bound as one
we each make each other
and no blow can be undone

the block of marble is my life
the chisel is my choice
I am left with what I make
knowing it lacks a voice

it can not explain itself
all will see it as it is
every man, he has this task
the marble man is his

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