Hi. by Andrew D. Anderson.

You’ve arrived at a little slice of the internet designed and maintained by me, Andrew D. Anderson. I’ve created it from the ground up in an effort to:

  1. Self-reflect. Nothing makes you more introspective than perusing an entire website about yourself.
  2. Organize the things that I write. I needed a medium that was harder to misplace than paper.
  3. Disseminate exciting news. My family and friends have been demanding for some time that I provide them with a way to stay abreast of my ridiculously exciting life… primarily because I do not often answer the telephone.

Usually, I completely forget about that last point and neglect to publish any exciting news at all. Actually, sometimes, I forget about this place entirely. When I do remember, however, I usually attempt to write a little something for my future self.

Anyway, if you’re interested in learning about me, you’ve come to the right place. If you need a diversion from your own life by reading about someone else’s, you can do that here too. If you find random essays or poetry interesting, you may enjoy your time here. So, stay a while. Come back often. If you see something that strikes your fancy – leave a comment.