2014 – A Selection of Images

2014 has already come and gone, but I’m just getting around to adding a few pictures from that year on this site. Let me know what you think.

Two Thousand and Thirteen Thoughts

I titled this post on the 31st of December, 2013. Then I saved it as an empty draft and let it sit empty for nearly three months. Such is my life. No time to write, and only a little time to plan.

2013 was a quick year. It was a year of fiscal prosperity and familial loss. My grandmother was diagnosed with liver cancer and died only a few months later. That’s probably the memory from 2013 that will stick with me the longest. It all happened so quickly. Here and then gone.

The year was also a year of reconstruction. Tom and I put a new roof on the farm house and replaced the septic line. Oh what miserable endeavors, the both of them.

I spent a few weeks, here and there, with family. I have a growing list of visits I need to make, but free time is so rare I have no idea when I’ll be able to start crossing names off.

I’ll get back here soon…


in thought

I will the world to vanish
To up and dissapear
Erase itself from reality
Leaving me right here

I dismiss it with a wave
Then turn my gaze away
Back to contemplation
No world for me today