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1/4 done with life

So, there goes another year. I’ve arrived at my twenty-fifth year of existence now, and in my optimistic mind this means that I’m about a quarter done with this procession called life. Seventy-five years seems like an awfully long time to continue wandering about, doesn’t it? That is, after all, mostly what I’ve been doing thus far – wandering. Wandering and wondering. Wandering through the present and wondering about the future. Once again, the future has met me here at the present – and left me to wonder about when we’ll meet next.

Well, now, where is the substance? Of what do I wonder… and where do I wander? Yes, I shall tend to all of that directly.

The past year I’ve spent mostly in the Midwestern Unites States. When I’m “home” I find myself surrounded by poultry, a cow, and a cat on a plot of twenty acres. On said plot, there is a farm house that is perpetually subject to renovations. It’s not fancy, but it is spacious and deeply comfortable (aside from when the box-elder bugs swarm the area). Its the embodiment of a relaxed existence. All the creatures that surround me are constant reminders that life is fundamentally about staving off hunger and taking naps. I wonder how long I’ll be able to enjoy it there.

I’ve spent most of my “vacation” time this past year with my Grandparents on both sides of the family tree.  You see, Grandparents are wonderful – they allow you to look into the past and the future all at the same time. At once you see what awaits you in fifty years and hear stories of life fifty years ago. I enjoy my Grandparents immensely, and I often wonder how much time I have left to spend with them.

Most of my wandering about the USA is undeniably in an attempt to accumulate wealth. I wonder when I shall decide that I have enough and stop wandering quite so often.

The more I wander about this world of humans, the more I wonder just how I ended up here anyway. I wonder about how I shall depart from this place. I wonder at right now. I wonder at life.

Here’s to seventy-five more years of wonder.


1/4 done with 2012

Basically, life in 2012 is easy. I’m living on a farm, I own a Prius, I’m co-owner of two cows, and never really have anything that I have to do. Well, now, that isn’t exactly true – I do usually have to milk one of the aforementioned cows when I’m on the farm. I get to travel all over the country, and am still able to put money aside for the future – whatever that may be.

The winter in Illinois was mild this year, and I dare say that spring came a month early. I’m going to plant a dwarf peach bonfire tree this week, practice making kettle chips, and whip up some homemade butter. My computer-help website is ticking right along, and, though ill-maintained, manages to attract more visitors each and every month.

I’m left with an awful lot of time to think about what I want to do within the next five years. Unfortunately, the more I consider the possibilities the more my plans keep changing. All I know is that I’d eventually like to make a living in the internet. Which means that  I should probably spend more time… uhm, you know, on the internet.

So, maybe I’ll try and do that in the next month or two. I should probably tidy things up a bit around here, too. That’s my life 25% through this year. Thanks for stopping by.

friends for a day

taking a side road instead,
i chanced upon a little head,
distressed upon the street.

i parked the car for a better look,
i could never have mistook,
there a bird too weak to tweet.

i scooped him up with instant love,
the tamest bird one could think of,
sat just next to me on the seat.

we hurried home and i cleaned his eye,
it was wounded and he could not fly,
i offered him things to drink and eat.

he sat upon my finger, and let me pet his head,
he started to doze off, so I tucked him into bed.
a modest cage covered with a sheet.

hours later he woke and ate more yet,
and acted more lively than he had since we met,
what a truly splendid young bird to meet!

the next morning he looked at me and i knew,
our time together was done – and away he flew.
the moment was profoundly bitter-sweet.

i sorely missed my new-found friend,
albeit i was glad that he was on the mend,
i wondered if, again, we would ever meet.

hours later i spotted, out of the corner of my eye,
my bird-friend, surely, just flying by!
he had come back again for an evening treat.

he sat on my finger, and ate all he could,
i offered him his cage, and he understood.
he slept for hours, now quite replete.

i too slept, with dreams of him freely flying,
and fancied myself that I had kept him from dying.
alas, it turns out that death we could not cheat.

the next morning I excitedly uncovered his cage,
found only a body, and sadness I could not then gauge.
our friendship was too short and incomplete.

my friend, he flew his final flight,
he had died alone sometime in the night.
life served us both up defeat.

~rest in peace my friend.

my bird friend