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Tear for Man

The man looked at the world from afar,
As one must do to see how we really are.
He stared in pure amazement at what he had seen,
The world was so shallow, the world was so mean.

“What can I do?” the hefty man asked while rubbing his brow-
“The world is so very cruel as of right now.”
The children were sad and dying by their own hand,
The man cried a tear – a tear for man.

The tear fluttered and floated and turned into snow,
Was blown about to and fro,
The tear had such a very trying time coming down to us all.
It was about to give up, as it finally did fall.

To the ground it descended and in its place between the snow-
Came a flower; a rose, as people would later know.
And along came a girl who saw the red rose,
With a smile on her face, her heart was unfroze.

She gathered the town for a look at the thing that had grown-
And all the people broke from their lives of stone.
And from that day on, to cheer a person of a frown-
The people would pull a rose from the groun’.


The Road from Asceticism

What ahead
I look
What behind
I see

What before
I hide
What again
I will

What above
I doubt
What below
I dare

What around
I think
What inside
I know

What really
I am
What lives
I do



It is a very solitary being,
It has a solitary life.
It has longed stop breathing.
It has since met no strife.

It has ripped away dreams.
It knows exactly its destruction.
It has performed flawlessly…
Never committed a malfunction.

It’s a very cold sort of thing,
It has no heart, to say the least,
It is a very lonely thing,
There is no companion for the beast.

Its task is shunned by millions,
But its perseverance is quite strong.
Men have always fought it-
It’s been winning all along.

It’s kidnapped our leaders,
Our mothers, our friends,
It never ceases to surprise us:
Its list of victims, it never ends.

It is not innately evil,
Although its duty is somewhat dark.
Its task is to extinguish…
Our tiny little spark.

Some say it is peaceful,
Other say there’s nothing but pain,
Either way it takes you,
You end up its just the same.

It is known as an Angel-
As God’s Almighty Hand-
We refer to it as Death…
Death we do not understand.