I’m a thinker at heart, so my domains of interest are vast… I’ve generally been inclined to take a generalist approach to life, preferring to know quite a little about quite a lot. I can fix electronics, I can manage modern system infrastructure, and I can also automate a home. But, I can also run and terminate ethernet cabling, rewire a house, install a shingle roof, and change my own oil. I love desktop publishing, form design, and workflow refinement and automation – so I’ve spent a substantial amount of time honing those skills as well. And yet, despite my random adventures and best efforts, I’m still best known as a coder and sysadmin.

All of my experience lends itself well to information systems consulting, remote tech support and administration, systems design and implementation, and programming generally. Sometimes I do these things for money… most often I’m just doing them because I enjoy them.

These days I’m over at OpenZeppelin, defending the open economy and the new blockchain-based building blocks that are going to give us a shot at a better world.