I’m a thinker at heart, so my domains of interest are vast… fortunately I’m also skilled in a few useful areas. I can fix electronic equipment: I specialize in laptop and desktop computer repair, but have (successful) experience working on a variety of handheld electronics. What’s more, if your computer hardware isn’t failing, I can help you with your software instead. I’m often and sincerely referred to as a ‘computer guru’. I have experience with all current Microsoft Windows operating systems and various flavors of Linux, I can navigate, though somewhat clumsily, through Apple Operating Systems. I can also administer wired and wireless networks from home to small-business size.

I love desktop publishing and form design, so I’ve spent weeks at a time honing those skills. Web server administration, check. Web programming with javascript, php, html, xml, etc… check.

All of this experience lends itself well to information systems consulting, remote tech support and administration, and systems design and implementation. Or, I can simply be the guy that hooks up your audio/visual equipment. Sometimes, these things are what I do to make money. The rest of the time I’m working on my own technological endeavors, such as Computer Correct, Math4Humans, and EverythingCooks.

If it sounds like I can help you, feel free to contact me today.