When all things go wrong and tears come to eyes,
When happiness despairs and the soul releases cries,
When you’re feeling lonely, fearful, or confused,
When you’re feeling battered, worn, and used,
When life has got you down with its constant bad,
I’d be glad to talk to you and rescue you from sad.

I’d just love to hold you, to let you speak your mind,
To put a smile on your face and to help you find-
All you have to live for, all you soon will be,
Remind you of yourself and all that you will see-
That will bring a smile to your countenance in despair,
That will right the wrong and eliminate what’s not fair.

You’re an angel on earth, often too nice for self,
Sometimes forgetting you, to please everyone else,
With your selfless attitude you welcome hurt to come,
And beat you down repeatedly, to try and make you numb,
When you’re close to breaking down, and have no where to turn,
Let me be the arms that hold you and your faith return.

Nothing bad will overcome you, so long as you can cry,
So long as you can fight, so long as dreams don’t die,
As long as I will know you, as long as you will care,
I’ll fight to keep you happy and release you from despair,
Know this and keep it in the foremost of your mind,
And you’ll be sure to get through any sadness you can find.