Expecting No More

Sex sells they say
With passive voices
As if there are
No other choices.

To degrade yourself-
Why, it is ok,
It is worth…
The material pay.

What of morals,
Of self respect?
These are things
They do not expect.

They think that things
Must not be changing.
It is not worth
The humility of raging…

Against the accepted,
And the public view,
They’d rather give in-
It’s what they do.

If no one stands up-
If change is not expected-
Then on will go…
The monster we’ve erected.

It will tear apart purity,
It will cloud young minds,
It will destroy modesty,
And all else good that it finds.

If it is not exacted,
If it is not demanded,
If it is not expected,
Change will not come.

And if change does not come…
Our world will fail.
As people worship
The ways that avail-

Lust and idle passion,
Goodness never won,
Our world will be chaotic…
And then it will be done.

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