Mom’s at work; Dad’s gone too-
Kids are bored with homework and chores to do.
T.V.’s blaring; phone’s off the hook-
No sign of a newspaper, a pencil, or a book.
Kid’s need some cash, some clothes, new shoes-
No sense in parents, if their funds you can’t use.
Kids want to have fun – no homework or chores-
Any place is better than home – children knocking steadily on friends’ doors.
Get home late, in time for bed; parents think kids have done work.
Ask dad for money, then call him a jerk.
Kids are sleeping and parents are fighting-
Underneath covers the youngest daughter is hiding.
The house goes quiet; the two old lovers off to bed-
Dreams of other places run through the family’s head.
The next morning is chaos – two bathrooms for five…
The typical family, just trying to survive.