my eyes are open, and i sleep
in a world my thoughts alone do keep

so long since i’ve been here,
thick dust covers every mirror

i dust it lightly and still face,
transparent eyes dart around the place

turning then, self not quite found
i discover me – i’m all around

dark, light, liquid, solid, air
life itself, because i am there

my lonesome mind creates men,
and very soon introduces sin

she’s everywhere, a gorgeous sight
but all too perfect to be right

hum with boredom, uncreate
wonder of mirages’ fate

start anew, on canvas vast
mind is bound, recent past

struggle, think, force a thought
that somewhere else has been not

mind mind – should, but, who?
what am i, if not you?

everywhere i thought was me,
but really is my mind i see.

something else, outside within
destroy, create, disobey again

confront you, if i knew but how
infinity between us now

can my mind mind my mind,
if my mind my mind can’t find

i hide, it hides, we’re hidden
in our world, we’re forbidden

we cannot, i cannot, KNOW
if in or out we cannot go

stuck. fast, slow. time.
you, me, us, i – rhyme.

distinct, i thought, not now.
can we understand it anyhow?

slipping further, so it seems
world thinks an idle mind dreams.

excuse me world, but let me doze
its not often i’ve dreams like those