Mortal Hands

If I could tell you what I knew-
Or could speak of how I knew it – I would tell.
If I thought it’d help, if I thought you’d listen-
I’d enlighten you to all the times I fell.

If there was some way I could learn your lesson for you,
I would do so.
Or if I could make life easier I would, but I can’t,
as we both know.

If I wasn’t mortal…
I’d do god-like things to help you along your way…
Unfortunately, I am not a god, never was,
and mortal I will stay.

If I could I’d take away your tears
and replace them with abundant joy,
I would take away all your problems,
and your perfect life deploy…

If I could ensure you a life full of great things,
I would do it, to be sure
And if it was in my power,
to your every ailment I would find a cure.

But I’m stuck here watching you make your own mistakes,
and watching you still stand proud.
Watching you try you hardest,
as you struggle to find your place amongst the crowd.

All I have to help you is a pair of hands to try and
ease your pain, and a mortal heart to care…
Watching you so indulgently, when things go wrong,
just knowing, life is not fair.

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