the rules in place are exact
strict instructions how to act

rules, action – quite mundane
even every breech – the same

powerful rules crush the will
deep values falsely instill

not the rules you must think
when your heart can but sink

do not confront, bow down
rule accepted without frown

you know no freedom, but law
disturbing is what else you saw

you fear freedom, for him
terrified of life by whim

don’t argue, stand in line
wait patiently for your time

then die like they shall too
and no one’s to remember you

your kids, their kids, yes
too busy they’ll confess

to think but of the rules
marching on – good tools

the way you wanted them to be
realized lives you hoped to see

order, society, god – fool
all are simply – strict rule

instructions to fade away
never having lived a day