In a backwards world full of love,
With Heaven below and Hell above,

There undoubtedly would be space to spare in the latter,
And life and liberty and happiness wouldn’t matter;

They would be given, never achieved.
Only laughter would resonate from those who have grieved.

In a backwards world full of acceptance,
With churches for criminals and jails for repentance,

There’d be more giving – no stealing or lying,
There’d be more respect for life, no unnatural dying.

Victims would go and turn themselves in,
The culprits would hope they never did it again,

In a backwards world full of just people and acts,
Where people had eyes watching their asses and backs,

There’d be no second guessing, no regrets or lost causes,
People’s words would come after contemplating pauses.

Friends would be true and lovers wouldn’t leave,
When something went wrong you’d always be granted reprieve.

In a backwards world, full of righteousness and compassion,
You’d never be heard screaming “Why did this happen?”

Reflections would look at you, instead of you looking in,
And epidemics and wars would never begin.

You’d be in the shoes of the person you hate,
You’d have unimpeded dominion over your fate.

Truth be told, in this backwards world I’ve so uniquely created,
The very idea I’ve laid out, humanity would surely have hated.