The Search

Sincerity is essential,
Honesty a must,
Of course no greater credential-
Then the ability to trust.

A smile that is stunning,
Eyes of warmth and joy,
A mind that can be cunning,
And a body with which to toy.

Dreams filled with aspiration,
The perseverance to prevail,
Ideals that can resist temptation,
The humility to fail.

Laughter in the voice,
Shimmer in the hair,
Reasoning for choice,
Yes, it should all be there.

Not a perfect woman to caress,
Mind you, not a Barbie-doll,
More of a lioness,
That’ll fight before she’ll fall.

A companion with whom to learn,
A woman with whom to love,
A partner who does yearn,
To be all that is above.

Not a sculpture of my mind,
Or a painting of my dream-
No, what I hope to find-
It is not quite so serene.

She takes a shapely form,
She is pleasing to my eye,
But she can’t conform,
And must question “why.”

She is a universal beauty,
Through her body, mind, and soul,
And it is my duty-
To find her – – and never let her go.

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