White & Green

Encapsulated time, sweat, passion, and energy…
Lost to the onslaught of rushing days.

Rough, dirty, folded time -green paper- in a sweaty back pocket.
Suffocated by a cheap, worn, black leather wallet.

Handed reluctantly like a child from one parent to another,
Deposited with the rest of the bills that have been used-

For a shiny white gem on a glowing yellow band in a black box.
The exchange is bitter-sweet.

The box is only briefly in the rough hand of its temporary owner
Then it is gently placed in a pocket and walked away.


The black velvet box then rests in a more slender hand,
Upon its opening it sings sharp beams of light.

The light reflects off of the tears of the recipient-
Who lets it glide upon a narrow finger.

As the ornament sits, still screaming with shine,
Eyes full of wishful thoughts promise a lifetime of hope.

And the empty black wallet is not thought of again-
It has expelled its encapsulated time for the future.

And the future gleams from the tiny white stone,
With hopes that it may sing lovely songs for two lifetimes.

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