Clay face, eyeless, mouth-less, is
Beaten repeatedly by loving hands.

Impressionable, soft, the surface, is
Transformed into the mind’s image.

Muscle, sweat, salt, eyeballs, are
Twitching, stinging, aching, creating.

Form, taken, given, inevitable, is
Somehow unintentional, startling.

Nightmares, flashbacks, the past, is
Embodied there. Destroyed instantaneously.

Cracks, chunks, dust, anger, anxiety, are
Splattered. Baseball bat’s sole purpose.

Damned, cursed, mumbling, mad, man, is
Plagued, fabricating reminders of, a hell.

Personal, poignant, agonizing, memories, are
Like water through cracks, flooding, the man.

Bizarre, crumbles, cries, screams, smirks, are
Left after the battle with what once was.

Clay face, eyeless, mouth-less, is.
The man, the idea, the destruction, of.

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  1. Brother: is this poem about a pillow?
    Sounds like homework is really getting the best of you. Creative way to put it 😉
    love you!

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