shoe-more, shoe-less

I reached for gray, but withdrew
wanted laces, but just a few

the orange pair was fine,
but matched no style of mine,

black leather, khaki plaid, muted blue
too many options for a god-damn shoe

massaging insoles, ventilated sides,
advanced synthetic or traditional cow hides?

blinking lights, open-ended or enclosed,
who on earth, all these variations, proposed?

I can’t wear blue, I’m feeling sad…
risqué red, on a man, just looks bad…

black is far too common, white much too plain,
green is ugly; pink, maroon, purple – I disdain.

Velcro screams senior citizen; curly laces lame
buttons on a shoe – now that’s a crying shame

I want convenience, simplicity, yet outstanding style
trying on pair 14 of 975 – I’ll be here quite a while

ah, to hell with this whole shoe game…
I’m going home barefoot – just the way I came.

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