somethings sacred

idyllic statues, grandiose
encourage wonder to draw close

in some remote temple stare
at mirages, however, fair

actualizations hardly theorized
all potential there unrealized

a beacon for, well, just the two
journeyed by and could not eschew

weary drifters they came to see
how everything there ought to be

perceived in awe the tailored art
renewed their will to impart

what they want, what they will
of course the statues remain still

how long before the place is lost
all its meaning simply tossed

what yet is there left to convey
but to what might it give way

a peaceful place, but how enduring
when all about it life is churning

how long dare the visitors remain
the statues stare as if in vain

beautiful, constant, fixedly glaring
and two travellers, perpetually preparing

so long ago, inside they crept
and never left, but only slept

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